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Playground rubber flooring

  • Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602
  • Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602
  • Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602
  • Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602
  • Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602
Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602

Blind tactiles rubber paving HVSUN-602

  • Material:100% High quality SBR rubber, colorful EPDM granules
  • Features: Good shockproof and soundproof, environment anti-slip flooring, Resilient flooring, 15 years warranty
  • Size: 1000*600mm
  • Thickness: 10mm/15mm/20mm/25mm
  • Product description: 100% high quality rubber particles, environmentally friendly non-toxic rubber flooring, flexible floor trampling comfort relief fatigue, easy to feel the surface for blind use, durable warranty 8 year

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Our HVSUN Rubber Stud Tactiles are to give warning of staircases or hazards. The small dots patterned in a diagonal grid, are to give advanced warning of an obstacle. These tactile tiles have been uniquely developed to make it safer for the blind and partially sighted to mvoe around. Both indoor and outdor can be use.


Rubber tactiles flooring tile
Model HVSUN-602
100% high quality SBR rubber, colorful EPDM flecks

600*1000mm, welcome custom other size

Thickness 10mm/15mm/20mm/25mm
Pure black, red, grey, green, blue...
From +/- 0.01mm to +/-3.05mm
Hardness From 55 Shore A to 85 Shore A
From -40℃ to 180℃
Features Shockproof, soundproof, anti-slip, SGS,ASTM certification


  1. Flexible, Easy to Scribe and Install
  2. Rot-proof and wet resistant, fungus resistant and germ resistant.
  3. Anti-slip, hard-wearing and easy to install
  4. Available in a Wide variety of colours to provide visual contrast for the old or partially sighted.
  5. UV Stable and Will Retain Colour Over Time
Tactile Ground Surface:
Tactile ground surface indicators are strategically laid to adequately guide pedestrians whilst traversing road-crossings, hazard zones and public buildings. Advanced Group's tactiles consist of two main uniform profiles:

* The Hazard profile - consisting of raised roundells - will define a hazard zone.
These can also be configured with another Safety Direction Indicator Tile.
* The Direction Indicator Tile profile - consisting of a series of barbell-shaped lugs – are strategically laid to indicate the direction of travel.

Application Areas:

Pathways - Train Station Platforms - Bus Stops - Offices - School Buildings and Shopping Centres.  Anywhere where the public requires appropriate warning of approaching stairways, escalators, ramps or kerbs where pedestrian walkways meet the road.

Customer Questions & Answers:

1, Q: Who are you?

A: We HVSUN are rubber flooring industry leader, with 12 years of production experience. We continue to provide high-quality environmentally friendly rubber and plastics products. And provide a variety of OEM customization, while providing one-stop shopping services.

2, Q: Will my payment money be safe?

A: Yes Dear, We are a regular company that can be traded through alibaba.com and made-in-china.com

3, Q: How to choice the flooring? I don't want cost so much.

A: The direct impact of the price is the thickness of the floor, contact us to recommend the best combination for you


Q: Are there any chemicals used in the flooring? And if so what kind?

A: Our HVSUN Rubber Tiles are made with recycled rubber tiles and EPDM virgin rubber color chips. A polyurethane adhesive is used to hold the tiles together. There are no hazardous chemicals used to make these tiles, and the only allergen that may be present is latex. Since these tiles are made of recycled rubber, the amount of latex in our tiles is very minute and would not make a person react in most instances when in contact with the flooring.

And more. We also supply tiles and surface solutions for Playgrounds, Decks, Roof tops and Walkways.

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