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Refinement of protein-free natural rubber, its product development, and biodegradation technology for resource recycling

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This study focuses on natural rubber, with the aim of laying new industrial foundations with this sustainable biological resource. We are starting out by developing technology for the mass production of natural rubber materials from which the natural rubber proteins, which are the cause of allergies and diminished performance, have been removed. We will then work toward the development of automobile tires and rubber products for medical use from these protein-free natural rubber materials, technology for the biodegradation of natural rubber products, and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment technology, which overall will reduce global warming.

Reducing global warming by creating a world based on the science of natural rubber

This project aims to strengthen intellectual property related to protein-free natural rubber and promote its international standardization, creating a natural rubber industry to replace conventional synthetic rubber. We are also aiming to create environmental preservation industries related to the resource recycling of natural rubber. Transforming society through the use of materials derived from natural rubber will also reduce global warming.

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