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Playground rubber flooring

Outdoor Rubber Paver HVSUN-321

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We are the topmost manufacturers and suppliers of a high quality, precision-engineered range of Rubber Mold Pavers and have established long term ties with clients worldwide to supply these products. These are sturdy, reusable, are highly durable and are utilized extensively to manufacture a dimensionally accurate range of paver tiles. These can also be customized as per client specifications.


Out door rubber paver
100% high quality SBR rubber
Size485*485mm, 500*500mm, 508*508mm, 1000*1000mm
Thickness15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 40mm....
Pure red, green, grey, blue, brown, dark grey, dark green, golden yellow
From +/- 0.01mm to +/-3.05mm
HardnessFrom 55 Shore A to 85 Shore A
From -40℃ to 180℃
FeaturesShockproof, soundproof, anti-slip, EN1177 safety


These HVSUN rubber floor tiles, made using recycled rubber, are an excellent flooring option for comfort and durability. They are thick enough to be used as playground flooring,streets, pathways, but at the same time look good enough for use in basic residential applications such as flooring for a basement. These recycled mats can function well as outdoor tile flooring because they contain a level of EPDM material, making them resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays. Buy these interlocking floor tiles to experience the benefits of eco-friendly, easy-to-install rubber surfacing today!

All-Weather Protection: One feature that makes this rubber surfacing stand out is their endurance in outdoor conditions. Recycled rubber often contains high contents of EPDM since it is made from old tires. EPDM is ideal for outdoor use because it resists the harmful effects of UV rays and ozone. These rubber floor tiles can also handle moist conditions; so do not worry if a little bit of water gets on them.

DIY Flooring: Another feature that makes these recycled mats so popular is their ease of installation. It makes a great do-it-yourself project, saving you the unwanted additional expenses of hiring third party installers

Recommended Uses:

These find great deal of usage in paving the sides of streets, pathways, walkways and other areas. They are also used for providing a non-slippery, smooth and even surface.

Customer Questions & Answers:

1, Q: Who are you?

A: We HVSUN are rubber flooring industry leader, with 12 years of production experience. We continue to provide high-quality environmentally friendly rubber and plastics products. And provide a variety of OEM customization, while providing one-stop shopping services.

2, Q: Will my payment money be safe?

A: Yes Dear, We are a regular company that can be traded through alibaba.com and made-in-china.com

3, Q: How to choice the flooring? I don't want cost so much.

A: The direct impact of the price is the thickness of the floor, contact us to recommend the best combination for you


Q: Are there any chemicals used in the flooring? And if so what kind?

A: Our HVSUN Rubber Tiles are made with recycled rubber tiles and EPDM virgin rubber color chips. A polyurethane adhesive is used to hold the tiles together. There are no hazardous chemicals used to make these tiles, and the only allergen that may be present is latex. Since these tiles are made of recycled rubber, the amount of latex in our tiles is very minute and would not make a person react in most instances when in contact with the flooring.

And more. We also supply tiles and surface solutions for Playgrounds, Decks, Roof tops and Walkways.

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